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Fresh Japanese Noodles

Since 1955

“Udon Grandpa” started his noodle factory in a little town of Hokkaido, Japan. He thought noodles made it possible to fulfill body and heart and had made a great effort to create his original Japanese noodles throughout his life. Here’s a funny story when he made Udon noodle for the very first time. His wife and six children were watching with excitement and suddenly he shouted “Oh my! I forgot to add salt!”  This is how everything started.  Kirita’s noodle have been loved by many locals for 68 years. His craftsmanship and wisdom have passed down to the third generation outside of Japan. Now, we are ready to go global.

From Madeira


What brought us here?


Our pride is to produce and to expand authentic taste of Japanese noodles utilizing the finest local ingredients.  


Water is abundant and of excellent quality in Madeira, and good water is an essential element for making noodles.


Ramen Thick type

Ramen straight type


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Rua. dos Piornais n.15, 9000-679 Funchal

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Would love to cater your party,business meeting, or gift. Also to your home.